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Merger, carve-out and new venture services for private equity and institutional investors.

Greenwood helps clients build sustaining strategic and operational value across the investment lifecycle from capital strategy to transaction execution and portfolio value creation.




Integrated commercial and operational diligence provides a cohesive understanding of the opportunity. The diligence findings support lending requirements, and serve as the blueprint for the value creation plan.

Commercial Diligence

We execute primary and secondary research to understand how markets work, specifically focusing on customers and products.

Industry Diligence

We execute primary and secondary research to identify competitors, understand where competitive advantages exist, and how to develop and protect them.

Operational Diligence

We provide an assessment of company operations, capital and operating expenditures, stand alone costs, assumptions made during quality of earnings, synergies, management team capabilities and value creation opportunities.

Technology Diligence

We assess technology products, applications and infrastructure – focusing on future trends, security, compliance, scalability, capital and operating expenditures and value creation opportunities.


Expert valuation and modeling is essential to proper underwriting. Slight changes in operating assumptions can significantly impact the value of a transaction. Our experience developing detailed value creation models supports both underwriting and investment committee decisions. Working alongside the deal team early in the transaction allows us to identify and quantify risks and opportunities others often overlook.

Brand Audit and Valuation

We provide an unbiased analysis and valuation of the brand based on stakeholder interviews, understanding of brand architecture, client interviews, industry interviews and competitor analysis. 


As industries continue to consolidate, accurate modeling is even more important. We work with strategy groups to create thoughtful, driver based models which account for realistic operating and market assumptions.

Opening Balance Sheet

We work with buyer and seller to value tangible and intangible assets, allocate purchase price, negotiate working capital true-up and create the opening balance sheet.

Valuation Model

We review key transaction inputs to create a valuation model, leveraging asset, income and market based valuation approaches as appropriate for the specific transaction.


We work with management to provide continuity to customers, employees and vendors at close, and prepare to quickly drive value in the first 100 days.

100-Day Plan

We work with executive management to develop a 100-day plan which achieves the most important goals quickly – internal and external communication, culture management, executive level organization design and revenue quick wins.

Clean Team

We work with each company to intermediate as a clean team to identify synergies, operating models and integration plans ahead of deal close.

Communication Plan

We work with executive management to develop an internal and external communication plan, aligned with any re-branding or co-branding strategy, and culture management strategy.

Operating Models

We work with management to develop interim and target operating models, detailing the people, process, technology and governance that will drive the business forward. Every operating model is developed in conjunction with the full operating budget, capital budget and original investment thesis.


Driving and managing change in an organization requires significant cross-functional experience, in addition to an ability to influence those in the organization. Avoiding the post-close performance dip, and capitalizing on opportunities immediately post-close are often the defining characteristics of highly successful deals. We work with Senior Management to support the most critical components to enact changes.

Culture and Change Management

We work closely with Senior Management to develop a plan for cultural integration – one of the most challenging areas of transaction management – and provide clear, timely communication to stakeholders. We work with investors and senior management to lead corporate communications, support cultural transition, and provide new levels of operational quality and efficiency.

Incentive Alignment

Aligned incentives between investors and management are an essential component of deal management. We help clients create and implement compensation plans to align all parties best interest. 

Integration Management

Integration should only occur when a compelling business case exists – revenue, cost or effectiveness – this is generally some, and not all functional areas, including: information technology, operations, sales and other back office functions. We work with management and investors to implement rigorous project management and quickly transition from advisor leads to management leads.

Interim Management

We work with investors and existing management to provide key interim management roles – CEO, CFO, COO, CIO – while building long-term management capacity

Merger Effectiveness

When transactions haven’t met investor expectations, we help clients define the root causes and develop a new plan to maximize remaining potential value.

Organization Design

We work with the board and senior management to develop the L1 organization, then L1 organization leadership to define L2 and L3 structure. compensation, decision roles and titles.

Visibility and Controls

We work with the target company to quickly gain control, integrate accounting systems, processes and policies, and rapidly provide visibility on financial and operating performance.


Driving operational improvements through revenue enhancement, margin improvement, and capital efficiency. Greenwood provides the analysis, optimization model, target operating model and roadmap, and then works directly with management to drive action. Operational improvement opportunities often require a diverse team of internal and external expertise, each with very specific technical skills or operating knowledge. We partner with management to drive the broader team and achieve the expected results.

The majority of value generated from transactions comes from revenue enhancement. Accordingly, many investment plans are based on significant top line growth, but often fall short of expectations. We bring a combination of analytical skill, tools, and know-how to accurately define expectations and follow-through on execution.

Customer, Brand, Pricing and Channel

We work with marketing, operations and general management to implement tools to measure and understand brand equity, increase customer loyalty, optimize pricing through statistical analysis, and anticipate impact of major marketing decisions including advertising, promotion and distribution channels.

Expansion and New Adjacencies

We provide tools and techniques to understand the core competence of the firm, measure customer demand, assess competitive environment and identify and value adjacent opportunities.

Product and Marketing Effectiveness 

We work with management to develop tools to better understand customer preferences and perceptions, and to tailor marketing strategy to specific market niches with a clear, compelling value proposition.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Our top priority is managing what, how and when information and training are shared across sales teams. Providing the right access and incentives to the right team can quickly provide results.

To thrive in a world of diminishing margins, companies must identify opportunities for improving financial performance across the organization, and then effectively execute practical actions. Our approach is highly customized, delivering sustainable margin improvements and strategic flexibility.

Complexity Reduction

We analyze the level of complexity in your company, helping you separate beneficial complexity from complexity that hurts business. We help you better understand the needs of your customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction, faster inventory turnover and ultimately, higher revenues and margins.

Finance and IT Transformation

Finance and IT transformation are solely focused on how the functions operate as service providers for the business, and how they can best align efforts to priority business outcomes.

Purchasing, Supply Chain and Manufacturing

A well-designed supply chain is a powerful way to reduce cost, increase revenue, improve customer experience and provide a competitive edge. We help you understand which improvements provide advantages.

Gain more control by aligning resources to strategic priorities. By improving the quality of capital allocation decisions, organizations enhance robustness, efficiency, and return on investment.

Fixed Asset and Real Estate Optimization

Allocating capital to non-core assets can seriously hinder return on equity. We help our clients identify which assets are core, which are under-performing which are potential candidates for divestiture.

Restructuring and Divestment (preparation and screening)

We help you understand proper timing and implementation steps needed to maximize value. We approach divestitures with the same level of planning and rigor of acquisitions.

Working Capital

We work with senior management to optimize capital allocation through asset reduction and working capital management.