Diligence | Execution

We provide strategic, operational, and technology solutions for complex carve-outs, mergers and acquisitions, new ventures, restructuring and liquidity events.

Greenwood Management Advisors was established in response to client demand for the combination of transaction, strategic, and operational expertise. As investment returns have become more dependent on strategic and operational initiatives, clients have increasingly needed better tools and techniques to price opportunities, and drive change. Building upon best practices from the big four, and top strategy consulting firms, Greenwood Management Advisors was formed to provide a unique business model to better serve customers.


Our sole focus is on creating and capturing value from growth strategies.


Highly targeted diligence, data driven assumptions, and deep transaction valuation expertise combine to help our clients close the right deals, at the right price, faster.


Predictive analytics and machine learning combined with operating expertise help our clients develop a more complete picture of the transaction, and better estimate the impact of  operational improvements.


Rapid data integration through cloud technologies allows Senior Management to quickly get a handle on actual performance vs. expectations – mitigating the risk of a post-close performance dip.


Clear 100-day plans with a highly targeted focus on the few optimization opportunities which really matter, help our clients accelerate post-close operational improvements.

Value Creation

Our efforts are spent on results, not checklists.

Value Creation Requires Agile Execution

Recent studies suggest that two thirds to three fourths of companies fail to get the intended results from strategies. While evidence indicates strategy and execution should not be thought of separately – the gap between well laid plans, and achieving results continues to widen. The gap is particularly prominent in transactions.

Often times synergy estimates, and integration plans are developed with flawed assumptions, integration is managed by a one-size-fits-all plan, and value creation is relegated to the sidelines. The challenge of achieving the intended goals is further compounded by an uncertain environment and incomplete information.

Experience and awareness are key in maintaining agility – and agility is key to achieving results. Anticipating what is coming next, based on past experience, allows us to help your team side-step significant risks and stay focused on getting the most important things right.

Greenwood Management Advisors serves as the conduit to successfully price and execute complex transactions.

Proprietary technology, deep operating expertise, and an industry expert network, help identify opportunities and costs others often overlook.


Proprietary tools - developed through numerous transactions - allow your team to quickly mobilize, gain momentum and turn focus from managing checklists to creating and capturing value.


Significant transaction experience - our consultants have participated in hundreds of transactions - allows us to anticipate and mitigate risks: capital and operating expenditures, talent retention, customer turnover, and organization disruption.


Deep reporting and technology expertise allows us to quickly provide visibility into financial performance and key operating metrics. Having the right information at the right time is key to agile execution.

Our Clients

We work with Principal Investors facing complex transaction challenges, including:
Private Equity Investors, Institutional Investors and Fortune 500 Corporations.

Ryan Orton, CPA, ABV, CISAPrincipal Consultant

Ryan has experience on over 100 diligence engagements and 50 completed transactions. He has worked in Venture Capital, as CFO/COO for an algorithmic trading platform, and as an advisor to leading Private Equity and Fortune 500 companies. He holds BSBA and MSBA degrees from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Location & Industry Focus

We have national reach, with local expertise across the United States, including: Colorado, New York, California, and Atlanta. All Greenwood engagement members work as one team, serving clients across the country at both their local headquarters and at regional operating units.

We serve clients in a broad variety of industries including: Healthcare, Transportation, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Services.

Recent Transactions

Unlike generalist firms, we address your most technical challenges – challenges we have overcome before.

  • $2.3b Carve-Out | Transportation

Day One readiness, technology readiness, data integration

  • $275m Acquisition | Healthcare

Strategy, value creation, technical accounting

  • $120m Acquisition | Healthcare

Integration, value creation

  • $1.2b Carve-Out | Manufacturing

Diligence management (operational, technology, human resources, financial)

  • $600m Acquisition | Transportation

Structure, integration, value creation

  • $40m Acquisition | Transportation

Negotiation support

  • $25m Carve Out | Technology

Financial diligence, operational diligence

  • $40m Acquisition | Healthcare

Integration, value creation

  • $200m Revenue Entity | Insurance

Market entry strategy, commercial diligence, industry diligence

  • $5b Revenue | Healthcare

Interim C-level, financial technology improvement, process improvement, tax system optimization

  • $110m Acquisition | Healthcare

Diligence, day one readiness, data integration, technical accounting

  • $135m Acquisition | Healthcare

Day one readiness, integration, value creation

  • $5m Acquisition | Services

Financial diligence

  • $125m Acquisition | Healthcare

Structure, integration, value creation

  • $35m Acquisition | Technology

Structure, integration, value creation

  • $10m Acquisition | Services

Technical accounting, integration, value creation

  • $70m Acquisition | Healthcare

Structure, valuation, technical accounting, integration, value creation

  • $100m Acquisition | Services and Technology

Structure, modeling, integration, value creation

  • $100m Acquisition | Healthcare

Structure, modeling, technical accounting, integration, value creation

  • $120m Carve Out | Services

Integration, value creation