5 Best Practices For IT and Operations Diligence

Methodical preparation combined with an explicit understanding of value drivers can minimize effort and maximize the return on IT & Operations due diligence. At Greenwood, we’ve built our expertise through doing, with a long track record of due diligence execution. We have experience in bringing context, identifying key metrics, and knowing when to bring in experts to complement our efforts.

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Early Due Diligence Case Studies

At Greenwood, we’ve built our expertise through doing, successfully guiding due diligence processes to optimize outcomes. Below, we highlight sample Merger & Acquisition cases, dive into the details, and share how our broad transaction support experience benefits our clients.

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5 Cybersecurity Diligence Mistakes That May Prove Costly

Here are five common cybersecurity diligence mistakes that can damage your next acquisition, and steps on how to prevent them.

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What Type of Diligence Matters, By Stage in Lifecycle

“Diligence” comes from the Latin word diligens, meaning “choosing one above the other.” Greenwood Management Advisors provides due diligence consulting services for enhancing transaction outcomes.

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How leading Brands Acquire to Innovate

If you’re looking to acquire-to-innovate, we can help you center your strategy around preserving the startup-culture that will help you reach new markets.

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Working Managers vs Project Managers

Transactions are complex from beginning to end, from initial diligence to a successful integration. A good working manager comes with experience in accounting, IT, sales or operational fields, and can take the initiative to both advise, and solve problems without being told what to do every step of the way.

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Hubris & Overpaying

Of the seven deadly sins, perhaps none are as relevant to M&A as hubris. Read about protecting against hubris - and how a good advisor can help.

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Transparency Saves the Day

Mergers & Acquisitions done right is all about making (the right) changes, and even M&A done wrong will lead to changes, big or small, throughout organizations. Read how Greenwood Management Advisors promotes successful outcomes.

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Technology Security Vulnerability

Recent significant technology security breaches have reminded all business investors of the damage a
breach can create. How should investors determine if existing portfolio companies are at risk?

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Rapid Performance Improvement Assessment

When preparing for either a public or private exit, opportunities to improve the outcome are often overlooked, including executing a rapid performance improvement assessment.

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Exit Preparation & Strategy

Proactively preparing for an exit allows management to maximize operational performance, stay focused on maintaining performance, and develop the optimal path to liquidity.

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Technology Diligence

In addition to considering product, organization, business value drivers, applications and infrastructure, each technology diligence should consider security.

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Viewpoints on topics that impact transaction outcomes.

Greenwood Management Advisors core expertise combines management science, leading technology and business expertise to create lasting value.

We work with investors facing complex transaction challenges, including Private Equity Investors, Institutional Investors, and Fortune 500 Corporations. Our management advisory services help minimize risk and maximize returns for control investors.

Greenwood brings a unique perspective to the management advisory field. As both operators and investors, our interests directly align with those of our clients.


Create a data driven strategy

Combining human intuition and experience, with advanced data analytics allows management to develop nuanced insights, and drive the most impactful changes.

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Advanced Analytics


Merger and carve-out management for private and public firms

All of our transaction advisory solutions rely heavily on management science and proprietary tools developed through numerous transactions to provide deep insight, minimize administrative burden and accelerate value creation.

  • Diligence
  • Synergy Capture


Greenwood provides top tier investors with leading practices throughout the investment lifecycle – from diligence through exit.

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